People behind Arrow are working on a Supergirl TV show

By: Marv Castillo

Why is Warner so ballsy with their TV Shows? We have Arrow, Flash, Fox’s Gotham and soon we are going to see Constatine, but their movies run very slow. Anyways, good news: Supergirl is going to have her own TV show. I’m curious about this one because the tone set on Arrow is quite serious, Flash looks more fun and I don’t know what to expect about this one. By the way, it has no title right. I hope they keep the “Supergirl”, don’t make a change, please. Sometimes, this girl flies using a skirt, don’t try to make that too serious. 

This show comes from Greg Berlanti, who is the guy behind Arrow and The Flash, and he’s bringing Ali Adler, who worked on No Ordinary Family with him. Now, is this show going to tie in with Arrow and The Flash? It makes sense, same producer, they’re working in this small superhero TV universe, it would be nice to see them team up in the future, I don’t know, all I’m saying is that it makes sense to tie in these properties.

Another question: is this version of the character related to Superman in some form? Guys at Deadline say they’re going to change her origin, so we will find out in the future. Anyways, I’m excited, let’s hope it’s good.

By the way, finding Supergirl pictures is hard, it’s like looking for porn.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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