Film review: Godzilla

By: Marv Castillo

Before I start, I would like to make this fun. No, I’m not going to tell jokes, but let’s do this: I will draw a sketch for every movie I would like you to see. If the review doesn’t have a sketch at the end, it’s not good (at least for me). Sounds good? Ok, let’s go.

I know, I know, I know, this movie came out on May. Godzilla is out on Blu-Ray and I saw it recently in the PlayStation Network, so I guess it is relevant again. I didn’t have the chance to review the film because this movie blog didn’t exist back then… but now it does, so here’s my review for Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards.

Gareth and screenwriter Max Borenstein retell the origins of the world’s favorite monster, but this one is different. 2014’s version of the Godzilla is not a remake, I rewatched the first 1954 movie to prepare for the new one, but turns out they’re very different. That’s not a bad thing, this is a contemporary movie and we have a new origin for Gojira, an interesting one, in fact.

I guess the people at Legendary Pictures thought Gareth Edwards was the perfect fit for a Godzilla reboot, after watching his directorial debut, Monsters, which I saw some months ago after his new film and turns out it is a great movie and you know what? He is perfect for this kind of movie. New King of the Monsters is great, it is a very fun experience and overall, I enjoyed it. Edwards is not only a director, he is a VFX artist, so you could guess he would definetly pay a lot of attention to the visual effects: explosions, water, destroyed buildings, and of course: the monsters. So, all the fake stuff in this movie looks natural, organic, and incredibly well done. Everything in this film looks beautiful, even the destruction and I know that sounds sick, but everything in this movie looks very nice. Godzilla’s new design is beautiful, it is perfect, not too scary, not cute, the monster is like right in the middle, but still menacing and badass.

Direction is good, the shots are great and heavily influenced by Steven Spielberg. Some of the cast doesn’t have so much spirit like others, but Cranston and Watanabe killed it, they are amazing and bring a lot to the screen, especially Watanabe because his character has to explain many things in the story. The only problem I have with the film is the script, it is not bad, the story is interesting and well told but there’s a lot of teasing and some of the human drama is not that great… but, the action is great when you get to see it.

The movie starts with the credits, seriously. We see that all these atomic bomb experiments during the credits, and the experiment are supposed to eliminate Godzilla, then we jump to the year 1999 where shit goes wrong in a nuclear plant based in Janjira, and then we jump again in time, but don’t worry this is the last one. In this period we see and older Ford, probably 15 years older, lucky bastard is married to Elizabeth Olsen, he has a kid and he works in the army. Shit gets wrong again, after he has to visit his dad in Janjira and then shit goes wrong again. I’m sorry, I don’t want to spoil anything because these are key elements of the story, but guess what? Shit goes wrong again after other 15 minutes. Then the dude shows up… no, not Jeff Bridges, Godzilla… and that’s when the movie get more interesting. We get monsters, we get fights, and we get monsters fighting.

Don’t take me wrong, I thought the movie was interesting from beginning to end, I’m talking about general audiences who want to see monsters fighting. We get an amazing first reveal of Godzilla, then we are about to see an epic monster fight and the scene is over, that’s my only complaint about the movie. It is a slow burn, but too slow, perhaps. I’m okay with sudden deaths in the movie and many other events, these cuts when we were about to see a fight were very annoying.

The movie has its plot holes and flaws, some things doesn’t seem to work during the film, Aaron Taylor-Johnson displays absolute no emotion other than a scene where he cries for a loss, but that’s all. He is not very expressive in this movie. The excuse I have is, he is a guy from the army, so he is very serious, I guess…

But, man, I enjoyed this film. I think it is awesome. I will be honest, we only get Godzilla for about 7 minutes, but we feel its presence. 2014’s version of Gojira is very goo, huge improvement over TriStar’s take on the monster, which was nothing but a bad joke. We don’t need to talk about visual effects, but they’re great, fight scenes are amazing, that last kill was something I would pay to see over and over. Godzilla may not be perfect, but it is a good movie.

godzilla grade



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