Sir Ben Kingsley thinks he could still be The Mandarin

By: Marv Castillo

If you haven’t seen Iron Man 3, spoilers ahead.

Comic book purists were uncomfortable or mad after the plot twist in the latest Iron Man movie, which was a real headspinner. Sir Ben Kingsley wasn’t really playing the Mandarin, he was nothing more than an actor called Trevor. After Thor: The Dark World, there was one short called All Hail the King, which revealed the real Mandarin and his 10 rings were still out there, who are terrorists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

IGN had the chance to speak with Ben Kingsley for his new movie, Boxtrolls. He is the Mandarin, in a very complicated way — and he made the following statement:

“Has the Mandarin invented Trevor, or has Trevor invented the Mandarin? Which is which?” Kingsley asks. “The Mandarin could be so supremely intelligent that he could have said, ‘You know what? I’ll invent this actor, and he will be my mask.’ You know, which is which? Who’s pulling the strings. Now, this is me just free-thinking here, but I would love to revisit that world. But Trev, bless him, may have made an indelible mark on that world. So everyone might say, ‘Is it Trev under there?’ So they’d have to approach it quite carefully, and so would I, but I would love to go back to that world, yeah.”

Do you think we are going to see Sir Ben Kingsley in future Marvel movies? Or is he just clearing things up about the cinematic universe where his character belongs?



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