Warner’s new thing for DC movies: “No jokes”

By: Marv Castillo

It was reported today by Drew McWeeney of HitFix that Warner Bros. has this “no joke” policy. Ugh.

This is not only for the Batman V Superman movie, this is for every superhero movie they will make, and remember they have like 9 movies on the way. The reason? McWeeney says it is because they treat their superhero like gods. So, there you go. Gods.

One of the things that makes Marvel a successful studio is humor. Marvel movies are a lot of fun, but they’re serious in the right places. Avengers had comedy, Iron Man 3 (the “darkest” movie of the franchise) had a lot humor, Guardians of the Galaxy was a very funny movie. These films are fun to watch, but the movies based on DC characters are very… dark and gritty? I hate those two words, I don’t know. Green Lantern was the only film in DC with humor and it was bad, like, really bad. Green Lantern had a lot of issues with the script, actually I like the humor in that movie, it is the best part of that film, but remember I said it is a bad movie, I don’t like that film. The problem with Green Lantern was the action, the cliché training scenes, the romantic scenes and that poop cloud above the city.

The Dark Knight trilogy has some humor, but it takes itself very seriously, these Batman movies work, they are Batman films. Besides, they’re good stories and they have “jokes” in the right places. Remember the Joker? He was evil, but for some reason he was funny.


Man of Steel in the other hand, is a movie I just don’t like. Hey, if you like Man of Steel, good for you! But I don’t like that movie, I wish I could. I respect Zack Snyder a lot, I think Watchmen was a very nice film, I like 300 and he is a great visual director, one of the best in my opinion… but Man of Steel, doesn’t work for me, there’s no joy. 

Aaand there’s the problem… Batman is serious story (not so serious, though), but there’s room for humor in a Superman story. I needed a laugh every once in a while when I was watching Man of Steel. The “no joke policy” for me, is very disappointing. I was hoping for the best in this Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (and holy crap, that’s a huge title), imagine Batman being sarcastic in a scene with Superman, that would be great. Man of Steel set the tone of this DC Cinematic Universe, which is serious business. If that is tone of the upcoming movies, it is good. Don’t make them stupid, but let these characters have a sense of humor, they have sense of humor in the comic books, the mainstream comic books but they have serious moments too.


Anyways, this “no joke” could mean four things, and I made a list for you:

  1. They don’t want jokes in their movies because they want to tell serious stories about people wearing spandex and they want to treat these characters as gods, and you know… gods never laugh. Duh.
  2. Bullshit.
  3. Marvel movies have a comedic tone and they don’t want to copy that.
  4. This is serious work. Warner Bros, said Man of Steel was the next big thing (seriously, they did!) and the backlash wasn’t the plan, Maybe there’s humor in the script but they don’t this huge film
  5. to be goofy. 

I hope it is the fourth reason. Please, I want to have fun… and this is no joke, a movie of Batman and Superman sharing the screen was my dream when I was like… four. Don’t ruin this. Does Warner Bros. know this could be the biggest movie ever? It can beat Avatar if it is good, I’m sure about it.

Maybe this article came out as something very mean and I’m sorry, I respect Warner Bros, DC and every person involved in their films, but this is a big movie, people have huge expectations.

Warner Bros, and DC Entertainment, if this no joke thing is true and not a rumor… think. Be smart about this.


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