Joaquin Phoenix still in talks for Doctor Strange, plus a new Avenger?

By: Marv Castillo

Phoenix was supposed to be announced as Doctor Strange back in San Diego Comic Con, just like Mark Ruffalo who made a deal in the last minute to be the Avenger’s new Hulk. It seems that the deal is not closed yet, and we will have to wait to know who is going to play Doctor Strange. Is it really going to be Joaquin Phoenix or Jack Huston, like we reported the other day?

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The actor is not scared, but a multi-picture contract is not his thing, apparently. He loves to act and we know that, but look at his movies: The Master, Her… these are drama movies, and they’re filmed on sets and actual locations… Marvel movies in the other hand are different, there’s a lot of green screen. An actor has to wait until the movie’s premiere to see if everything looks good because all they had behind when they were filmed was a huge ass green screen. Also, there’s a bunch of reshoots. Phoenix is not very used to this environment, he is not confortable with it. Collider reported that the actor still in talks with Marvel and he is at the “1-yard line”. Devin Faraci from Badass Digest says Phoenix met with Marvel this week. 

Everyone knows he can play the role and we know he will be a fantastic Doctor Strange, I would like this man to sign the contract and start shooting. This would be great for Marvel, just imagine that adition to their cinematic universe, it is different than Anthony Hopkins playing Odin in a Thor movie, we are talking about Joaquin Phoenix playing the title character of a Marvel film. That would be amazing and he can bring a lot to the role. Phoenix is not just a guy who acts for money, he is a real artist. I really want to see his take on the character.

His case is different from Johnny Depp, when we are talking about Depp we are not just talking about an actor, we are talking about a huge celebrity. Phoenix is very famous, yes, but I’m sure he will be Doctor Strange in the big screen.

New avenger

It is also reported by Devin Faraci that Captain Marvel is in the Avengers: Age of Ultron script, however we don’t know if she will be in the final cut of the movie.

Her role in the movie is not big, is not like the twins or any other Avenger, she has a cameo at the end of the movie and that’s it. Her appereance is not huge, she is not in the big fight at the end, the big finale, if you will… she is just there, in the end of the movie. Marvel wants to set up her character for a stand alone movie, that’s what people say. She could be in the Avengers 3 team but there’s nothing confirmed yet, is not easy to just throw another character into the mix. You can read Devin’s complete article here.

Personally, I would like Katee Sackhoff to play Captain Marvel.


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