Finally, Donald Glover will play Spider-Man. In a cartoon…

By: Marv Castillo

Remember when Donald Glover of Community was in that bag of actors that could be the new Spider-Man for Sony’s reboot? Well, obviously he didn’t get the role and now Andrew Garfield is playing the Amazing Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s movies. Besides, Avi Arad, producer of the Spider-Man movies, made something clear: Spider-Man is white. Hey, those are his words, not mine. I would love to see a different take like Fox’s new take on Johnny Storm.

I think Glover would have been a great adition to the franchise, you know, not just diversity, he seems like a good choice to play Spider-Man. Donald Glover is a good actor. Peter Parker doesn’t need to be white, it’s not part of his character… I guess… anyways…


Donald is now casted as Miles Morales in the cartoon, you may know him as the new Ultimate Spider-Man from the comics. I personally don’t watch the cartoon, but this made me happy, maybe after this Miles Morales will become a mainstream character, a well-known Spider-Man and maybe, just maaaaybe, we will get his movie now that Sony is creating a Spider-Man Cinematic Universe.





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