The Guardians of the Galaxy almost looked like this, plus 2 more Marvel news!

By: Marv Castillo

Guardians of the Galaxy concept art by Justin Sweet

In the early stages of production of any blockbuster, lots of artists are called to create some concept art for the characters of the movie. You may see some pictures of the first Bane sketches for The Dark Knight Rises or videos of Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. were they present some of the first pictures of the character design used in movies. Batman and Alien are very well known properties, but not a lot of people knew a lot of Marvel’s new surprise hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, many people didn’t know what to expect. Recently, these pieces of concept art made by Justin Sweet were found in this Facebook page. Now, this is very different, in fact… these designs are quite creepy and not the cute-looking creatures we got in the movie. Anyways, I admire Justin Sweet’s artwork, is very well done, but I do appreciate what we got to see in the film. 









Ant-Man ties with the Incredible Hulk, in a weird way

Believe it or not, The Incredible Hulk is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes, they changed actors, but the movie we saw is part of this big Avengers storyline. In the new Ant-Man movie (now directed by Peyton Reed and not by Edgar Wright) ties up with the story of the second installment of the MCU.

Remember the Stan Lee cameo? The soda factory where banner used to work?

_1408751414__span antman-inchulk

… and that’s it.

Rumor: Is this Marvel’s Doctor Strange?

This is a rumor. This is a rumor. This is a rumor.

Jack Huston, maybe, is the frontrunner to play Doctor Strange in the new Doctor Strange stand alone movie, and I’m repeating a lot of words today. By the way, this is a rumor.

Johnny Depp was reported to be in talks with Marvel but seems he is not going to take the role, which for me and a lot of fans out there, is good. Depp is not a bad actor, he is very good at what he does, but I’m a bit tired of the roles he took in the last 10 years. Plus, I would see Johnny Depp on screen not Strange. I think Jack Huston is a good choice, he was great in Broadwalk Empire and American Hustle.He can have a confortable deal with Marvel where he is not going to ask for millions like some actors and really, if this is true, I’m happy. 

descarga (1)


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