Geek Broadside from now on

I started Geek Broadside two years ago after realising that most of my friends didn’t care about my opinion in movies, mostly because I talk way too much about movies. It’s my passion, I guess.

The site got a following, the kind of following you never expect when you start a project like this one. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the last film I ever reviewed, and after that I thought about shutting down the site. I started working in an advertising agency, and that took a lot of my time, but now I know that the show must go on, basically because I love talking about movies and sharing my opinion with you.

Geek Broadside is coming back.


Tom Clancy’s The Division First Impressions

After a lot of hype and an incredible Beta, The Division is finally here!

Ubisoft promised us a great in all aspects, some might even dare to call it “the next Destiny” because of what it offers and what it is supposed to accomplish. However, The Division does not try to be Destiny and it shouldn’t, Destiny unique design, gameplay, story and practially everything gave it its success and The Division has the same in its own way and Ubisoft did a great work here.

I’ve not explored the game at its fullest yet, however after playing the Beta and the first 3 hours of the full game the review in progress is now here!

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